Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled

Kotaku is reporting that they have a source saying that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was recently cancelled in the past few weeks. We first heard about Final Fantasy Versus way back in 2006. Since then, there has been little information about the game. Many E3s have come and gone with little to no information about it. There were a few trailers released, but that’s about it.

There is no official confirmation from Square Enix yet, but there has been no information about the game for a long time and I am inclined to believe the project is dead. We may see some iteration of the game in a later Final Fantasy game. It will be like the blitzball for whatever Final Fantasy number it’s hitched to.

This still may be a little premature as Square Enix is having a big celebration in September for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy. We may still get some information then and that is why Square Enix is holding out on telling anyone anything.

One final thing I would like to note. The lead designer on this project is a man by the name of Tetsuya Nomura. This guy is responsible for the main Kingdom Hearts games for consoles, like 1 and 2. However, he has been consumed by this project for the past 6 years and been unable to work on Kingdom Hearts.

Could we have seen Kingdom Hearts III by now? Maybe. It just makes me pretty angry (as a huge fan) that he basically wasted 6 years on this project and hasn’t done anything with Kingdom Hearts. At least Dream Drop Distance is coming out soon.


Update: Final Fantasy XIII Versus is still in production according to Yoichi Wada. Go back to being excited.

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