Rumor: Sonic Adventure 3 Might be on the Way

Despite the continued annoyance of some people, another Sonic game seems to be on the way. Specifically, Sonic Adventure 3. At least, this is according to the registration of six domain names – all with “Sonic Adventure 3″ in the title.

TSSZ news reports that an unknown source registered the six domains on or around April 22, 2012. The names are as follows:,,,,, and In the past, registration of domain names for future games before they were announced has typically meant that those games were in development. Sure enough, a few weeks or months later, the game would be officially announced.

However, in this case, things aren’t so certain. The registrant company is the French branch of 1&1 Internet, known for web hosting. The last three times Sonic domains were registered, the registrant was EuroDNS. Furthermore, Sega’s French division recently closed down. Yet, one thing in favor of the legitimacy of these domains is the fact that surely Sega would have noticed by now. And if the company didn’t take them down, perhaps they are real after all.

If not, this is a very elaborate hoax. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

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