Ubisoft Celebrates 4th of July with a Pair of Assassin’s Creed III Trailers

Ubisoft loves to release Assassin’s Creed III trailers it seems. Of course, for a game set during the American Revolution, the 4th of July is a perfect day for announcements and/or trailers. Naturally, Ubisoft decided to go with two trailers (located below).

The first trailer released a few days ago, despite being the “Independence Trailer.” It features CGI game graphics and a child (I assume) singing Amazing Grace. There’s plenty of slow-mo as soldiers get blown up and otherwise killed on the field of battle. The trailer tells us, “This July 4th ignite the revolution.”

Depending on which trailer you watch, there are also details about pre-order incentives from GameStop, a limited edition bundle called the Freedom Edition, and a tour of in-store demos at GAME stores in Europe. The GAME stores demo tour dates start on (you guess it) July 4th and can be viewed here.

The GameStop pre-order incentives are as follows: a single player mission, the Lost Mayan Ruins, and the Sawtooth Sword weapon. The Freedom Edition contains a myriad of things:

  • Alex Ross’s Steelbook
  • Collector Box
  • Connor figurine
  • George Washington notebook
  • Two single player missions: Ghost of War and Lost Mayan Ruins
  • Multiplayer package, Sharpshooter

The other trailer, titled “Rise Trailer”, released today and is a live-action trailer consisting of numerous characters of various backgrounds and situations indicating how they will fight against the British Empire. There’s lots of slo-mo in this one, too.

Assassin’s Creed III comes out for Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 30 and 31. PC and Wii U release dates will be announced later. Check out the trailers below.

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