Ubisoft Quickly Patches Uplay Browser Exploit

UplayAfter news that Ubisoft’s Uplay program unwittingly allowed exploits to tunnel into a gamer’s machine, the software publisher has issued a patch for the hole.

If you have Uplay on your machine in order to play games like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or H.A.W.X 2, then update quickly.

To ensure that your update is applied, head over to the Uplay website and download the newly patched installer. If malicious beings didn’t know about the exploit, they sure as hell know about it now.

The update ensures that the Uplay browser plugin will only be able to open the Uplay application and nothing else, as opposed to before when some people got it to open the calculator.

An Ubisoft representative had this to say:

“Ubisoft takes security issues very seriously, and we will continue to monitor all reports of vulnerabilities within our software and take swift action to resolve such issues.”

Don’t know what Uplay is? For kicks, here’s Ubisoft’s description taken straight from the Uplay About page:

Uplay Description

Yeah, I’m going to be staying away.