Wheatley Going to Space

Oh science community, you’re always so nice to us. First you find out what makes us exist in the first place and now you give us meaning to that existence: watching a resupply launch with a Portal 2 joke inscribed.

According to Portal 2′s official blog, an anonymous NASA tech lasered on the character Wheatley (from Valve’s popular puzzler, Portal 2) onto the panel of a soon-to-launch resupply craft. Of course, this won’t be Wheatley’s first time in space (or yours if you played the game), but it’s nice to see that no matter how high you go, someone’s bound to do something humanizing enough to restore your faith in the invisible hands.

The craft will be launched at 10:06 EST on July 27 but you can start watching it here as early as 9:15 EST. Let’s all just hope Wheatley has no devious plans at the ready or a handful of astronauts might be screwed.