Why Lie?


The following is a rant regarding the Call of Duty series. If you know nothing about Call of Duty then you will probably understand nothing about the contents within and I suggest you cease your reading. If you are a diehard fan of the series and are easily offended, please continue!

As is customary in the months leading up to a Call of Duty release, a cadre of assholes is formed whose sole purpose is to release false information regarding the details of the series’ multiplayer.

This wouldn’t be a problem if these were isolated and contained events of trolling amongst the trolls and the naïve but every once in a while this foolishness finds its way into the realm of the sane.

Several years ago I remember reading the lies of some punk in an ancient Call of Duty forum in regards to the unrevealed perks inside the game Modern Warfare 2, which had yet to be released. The young man went into great detail in describing perks that he was obviously pulling out his ass. Tracking devices as well as bullet proof vests were all among the filth that was spewed from his mouth (or fingertips). However, among his filth he mentioned the ability to see enemy equipment and turn it against the opposing player; this ultimately became the Hacker perk of Black Ops. One of the geniuses at Treyarch must have seen this, thought it was cool and went forward with making it a reality. This developer (and ultimately the whole team) failed to actually weigh the pros and cons of adding such a multi-faceted and hax ability to the game, thereby altering the manner in which the game was played.

All of this because of one asshole who had nothing to do with the actual development process.

Now I would no longer refer to myself as a Call of Duty fan but Black Ops, despite its numerous shortcomings, was able to sever itself from the chain of ridiculousness set in motion by Modern Warfare 2 and establish itself as an overall pretty decent, fair and balanced shooter (in comparison). Due to this, I couldn’t help but be interested in news regarding its sequel. Upon hearing that the game is to be set in the future (the real, futuristic future; not the “two days from now” future of the Modern Warfare series), I am beset by negative feelings.

I feel the sharpness of my teeth cut into my lip as I bite down with worry.

How could a game with weapons and equipments as efficacious as those in the Call of Duty series be upgraded into a form complementing its new future setting while retaining a feeling of competition?

My concern ultimately leads me to searching the web for information in regards to the new multiplayer design.

Surely there will be some form of checks and balances implemented into the new futuristic gameplay. If I died in three shots from a gun made in 1950, then surely a weapon made in 2025 will turn me into ashes with one shot. Some kind of Halo-like shield mechanic, perhaps? Imagine my shock when I stumble across this little gem.

It is obviously a crock of shit just like the post I read back in 2009 was but this need to lie and spread gossip despite the fact that the truth will, without a doubt, be revealed boggles my mind. But I mostly blame the marketing staff behind the game.

I don’t give a shit about single player, do you? Unless you’re within that 1% of Call of Duty’s customer base, the answer is no. So why do they always release gobs and gobs of details in regards to storyline and single player and remain silent in regards to multiplayer?

If they at least talked about multiplayer I wouldn’t have to deal with all these lies and misinformation. This madness needs to stop.

Who knows, something akin to the perk “Bladesman” may be present in Modern Warfare 4.


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