Bethesda & Arkane Studios Reveal a New Dishonored Trailer

DishonoredToday, Bethesda and Arkane Studios released a new trailer titled “Creative Kills” on the day that marks two months until launch date. The trailer showcases several different creative ways to dispose of your foes. Options such as “Death by Rat”, “Friendly Fire”, and “Reversal of Fortune” are all played out in a few different ways each. My personal favorite is the “Friendly Fire” option where an enemy takes a shot at you, you possess them and move them in your place, and they end up killing themselves. It makes for an interesting view as you watch the carnage.

This game may look like an Assassin’s Creed clone to some, but with the interesting use of magic and weapons, this game looks to write a whole new definition for the word “assassin”. With Bethesda lurking in the background, it is hard to believe this game will be anything but superb.

Dishonored will release for the PS3, 360 and PC on October 9, 2012 (NA)/October 11, 2012 (AU)/October 12, 2012 (EU).

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