Blizzard to Add New Paragon System to Diablo III

Blizzard is continuing its work improving Diablo III’s endgame. In addition to patch 1.0.4, the company has come up with a new feature: the Paragon System.

The Paragon System was Blizzard’s answer to two problems: Magic Find issues and the problem with finding things for players to do who have reached level 60 but have gotten bored with the item hunts. Here’s a break down of how the new system works, straight from the Diablo III blog post:

  • After you hit level 60, any further experience you earn from killing monsters will begin to count toward Paragon levels
  • There are 100 Paragon levels
  • Every Paragon level will reward you with:
    • Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts similar to what you’d gain from a normal level
    • 3% Magic Find and 3% Gold Find
  • In addition, a distinctive increasingly-impressive border will surround your character portrait in the in-game party frame to denote your Paragon progression, with a new frame earned after every ten levels. Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown

Furthermore, Nephalem Valor will provide a 15% exp bonus per stack toward Paragon levels.

So just how long will it take to level in the Paragon System? The short answer is: a while. The first Paragon level will take roughly the same amount of time it took players to get from level 59 to 60, and the experience needed to level up will only increase from there. Blizzard explains that “the time to reach the upper Paragon levels approximates the long-term time investment required to get a level 99 character in Diablo II.”

But wait, you might ask, what was that about Magic Find mentioned earlier? Blizzard wants to slowly transition away from the current system whereby Magic Find is attached to equipment. Magic Find (along with Gold Find) will now be capped at 300%, which players will reach at Paragon level 100. Until you reach that level, however, continue using your Magic Find equipment.

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