Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pre-Order Available

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveYou can now pre-purchase Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for $13.49 for either your PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Mac. What do you get for that if you pre-order? Well, you will get access to the beta on August 14th. The beta runs until the game’s release on August 21, 2012.

CS: GO has quite a lot of new features separate from Counter-Strike: Source.

There are plenty of new game modes in addition to the previous Team Objectives:

  • Arsenal: Arms Race – Everyone starts out with the same gun and every time you get a kill, you received a new gun. The list goes through almost all the guns available and ends with the knife. Whoever gets the kill with the knife, wins
  • Arsenal: Demolition – This mixes bomb-planting with the similar idea of the previous mode, where every time you get a kill, your weapon will get progressively weaker

New weapons, along with changes in firepower, accuracy, etc. to old weapons:

  • New pistol for both Ts and CTs: the P250
  • (Not new) The Night Hawk, as known in Source, has had its name returned to The Desert Eagle
  • New pistol for Ts: Tec-9
  • New pistol for CTs: P2000
  • New shotgun for Ts and Cts: Nova
  • New shotgun for Ts: Sawed-Off
  • New shotgun for CTs: Mag-7
  • New submachine gun for CTs: MP9
  • New submachine gun for Ts and CTs: MP7
  • New submachine gun for Ts and CTs: PP-Bizon
  • New sniper rifle for Ts and CTs: SSG 08
  • New rifle for Ts: SG 553
  • New semi-automatic sniper rifle for CTs: SCAR-20
  • New machine gun for Ts and CTs: Negev

New equipment:

  • Defusal kits no longer purchasable, but randomly given to CTs at start of round.
  • Molotov Cocktails for Ts
  • Incendiary Grenades for CTs – basically a Molotov Cocktail
  • Decoy Grenades – Emits gun sounds and shows up on radar as someone shooting
  • Zeus x27 – A taser that has one shot and can kill an enemy in that one shot.

New maps as well as updated versions of old maps. The new maps are for specific game modes.

  • Baggage (Arms Race)
  • Shoots (Arms Race)
  • Shorttrain (Demolition)
  • Bank (Demolition)
  • Lake (Demolition)
  • Safehouse (Demolition)
  • Sugarcane (Demolition)
  • St. Marc (Demolition)

There are many more changes to gameplay as well. Read about it in our beta preview here.


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