Darksiders II to Reward Those Who Played the Original

With Darksiders II out this month, developer Vigil Games has decided to reward those who have stayed loyal to the Darksiders franchise. These rewards will take the form of two in-game items, seen at left.

Part of the newly implemented loot system that wasn’t present in the first Darksiders, players who have a Darksiders I save game on their hard drive will receive the Pauldron of the Horsemen, which boost Death’s general stats and critical damage. As you can see, the Herod’s-Shoulder-looking-Pauldron appears to retain elements of the markings found on War’s sword Chaoseater from the first game. Players who have completed Darksiders on any difficulty will earn the legendary Chaos Fang scythe which improves Death’s overall and critical damage. The blade of the scythe again looks very similar to War’s Chaoseater.

The unlocks are based on achievements earned, so make sure you have finished the first game, which EU PlayStation Plus members can download for free right now. If you haven’t sampled these titles then I certainly recommend them. Joe Madureira’s fantastic art direction is visually stunning and the original take on the Biblical Apocalypse is fresh and gripping.

These incentives can be easily correlated to the recent comments made by Haydn Dalton on the importance of Darksiders II sales, and keeping dedicated fans interested. Speaking to Strategy Informer, Dalton said:

“Absolutely (the future of Darksiders is dependent on how this sells). We’ve got ideas for what we can do within the Darksiders universe, and it’s a huge universe. We’ve got ideas for different types of games as well, we’ve got a lot of mechanical things that are the boil and are ready to go depending on how this sells.

With the focus on DLC we want to sustain the amount of time people can spend playing Darksiders.”

It seems that there’s a lot riding on Vigil Games’s new title. Darksiders II is due for release on August 14th in North America and August 21st in Europe.


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