DayZ Becoming Standalone Title

DayZThat’s right, you read the title correctly. The ArmA II mod that has taken the PC gaming world by storm is now becoming its own title headed by the creator of the mod, Dean “Rocket” Hall. Bohemia Interactive will be the studio behind DayZ, the creators of ArmA II.

Hall says that it will follow the Minecraft development model, which means that the community will be heavily involved in the process, and we will see many iterations of the game all throughout development. There is also a new website for DayZ at There is not a lot there yet, but there’s certainly more to come.

So, what does this mean for the game? Well there will likely be a lot of overhauls with the engine, the AI, and the UI. Most of the gripes with DayZ have been with the clunky UI and the terrible AI of the zombies, and because DayZ will not be running off ArmA II’s engine, Hall will be able to address those problems.

I expect a ton of information to be hitting us about DayZ over the next few months, so check back here for updates.


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