Don’t Starve, Buy into the Early-Access Beta

Don't StarveKlei Entertainment, when not making insane kill ‘em ups or ninja ‘em ups, likes to make explore ‘em ups.

Don’t Starve is billed as an upcoming survival/exploration game following the exploits of a gentleman scientist named Wilson.

The game has just launched its early-access beta, which runs from the Google Chrome browser (a standalone version of the game will be released later). This isn’t free though. You’ll have to buy into it for $6.99. Read on to see why that isn’t so bad.

This early access beta includes:

  • The full game for free when it releases (also a Steam copy)
  • Two copies
  • Regular updates with new content
  • Talk with the developers to help “evolve the game”

So the early-access beta serves as a pre-order of sorts, a rather cheap one at that. This early-access build also comes with some improvements over the earlier builds if you’ve already been playing the beta:

  • Don’t Starve is now available for purchase.
  • Map randomization improvements.
  • Buildable chests, by popular demand.
  • New marsh area  with lots of new stuff in it (like reeds)!
  • New and improved Farm Plot art.
  • Trees have life cycles, and look less like each other.
  • New easier-to-use  crafting / research interface.
  • New Science machine mechanics. You earn Research Points by grinding up objects in the science machine.
  • New, different ambient sounds play in different areas of the map.

Buy the game at the official Don’t Starve website here. If you want to try a free version of the game, head over here.

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