Guild Wars 2 Errors: What They Mean and What to Do

Guild Wars 2 launches tomorrow, but many gamers have already been playing for a few days thanks to the Headstart access users were granted upon pre-purchasing the game. However, like many games that are hotly anticipated, there is already a list of problems with Guild Wars 2. If you’ve been plagued by error codes or other issues, check out our list below to see if there’s a solution to your problem.

Error 9

One of the more prevalent errors users have been seeing, and a frustrating one. Error 9 prevents users from playing the game. This is because Error 9 means that a player’s account does not have Headstart access. Did you pre-purchase the game or pre-order? If you pre-ordered, you didn’t have Headstart access until 0:00 PDT today. So, if you haven’t tried since then, give it another go.

If you pre-purchased your game through a retailer, you should have received a separate Headstart code. If you didn’t, and you bought your copy of the game through one of the retails on this list, contact them and they will help you resolve the problem. If you’re still having issues, contact the GW2 support team here.

Guild Issues (Invite, Getting Kicked, etc.)

Update: While not all issues have been resolved, it appears that ArenaNet has improved on the invite issue. It is “intermittently” working now. My advice is to just keep trying.

Despite its title, GW2 is having issues allowing players to actually participate in guilds. Some players have been kicked from guilds, while most are simply unable to join in the first place. There are also issues with guild members being unable to see their leaders and vice versa. The GW2 support team keeps assuring players through its twitter account that it is “investigating the issue,” but there doesn’t seem to be a fix yet. However, there is one way around the invite issue at the moment:

“A current work around to join Guilds is to only press the “join” button after being invited, whilst you are in a WvW map!”

Error 7/42 (Server Connection/Log in Errors)

Update: ArenaNet recommends that players experiencing Error 42 uncheck their the remember password and username boxes on their launcher before restarting the launcher and trying again. So try that first.

Some users see either of the following two messages:

“The game client lost its connection to the server. Please wait a few minutes before restarting the client and trying again.”
“The game client is unable to gain access to the log-in server at this time. This is most commonly caused by firewall or router settings, security applications, or connecting through a campus network. For additional support, please visit”

If this is happening to you, the GW2 support team recommends temporarily disabling security software. If it still doesn’t work try adjusting your firewall settings to medium or low. If this still doesn’t work, try temporarily uninstalling the software.

Furthermore, “Guild Wars 2 requires TCP ports 80, 443, 6112 and port 6600 be fully unrestricted and accessible, both inbound and outbound.” For more information about this, go here. Finally, if you’re using a campus, military, or business network, you may want to check the network settings and see if the ports are closed or if there is anything else restricting your access.

Error 21 (Authentication Error)

If you see the following message: ”The server was unable to authenticate your gameplay privileges. Please contact Customer Support to provide them with your registered e-mail address. For additional support, please visit,” the GW2 support team recommends you take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Guild Wars 2 installation folder.
  2. Right-click on GW2.exe and select Create Shortcut.
  3. Rename this shortcut to Guild Wars 2 Port Test.
  4. Right-click on this shortcut and select Properties.
  5. Edit the Target line to include /clientport 80 at the end.
    • Note: Please make sure /clientport 80 is outside of the quotes
      Correctly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe” /clientport 80
      Incorrectly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe /clientport 80″
  6. Once completed, click Ok to save your changes.
    • If you get an error trying to save, your target line may not have the correct format. Please try step 5 again.
  7. Double click Guild Wars 2 Port Test and try connecting again.

Then, submit a ticket with your results.

Email Address Verification Issues

Update: ArenaNet has begun to roll about email verification for some accounts. If this applies to you, a step-by-step guide on how to successfully use the email address verification system can be found here (scroll down).

Update 2: The email verification should be available to all players now. ArenaNet warns that the email you receive may take a while to get to you.

On a similar note to Error 21 above, users have been having difficulty playing the game due to issues with their email address being verified. If this is something you’re facing, you can still actually play the game if you’ve already downloaded the client. Simply click “Play” on the GW2 Launcher. In the meantime, ArenaNet is working to resolve the issue and you will be able to verify your email later.

Error 58 (Log In Error)

When you see this message: “The game client was unable to connect to the log-in server. Please restart your client and try again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support for assistance at,” and restarting the client didn’t work, the GW2 Support Team recommends the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Guild Wars 2 folder.
  2. Right-click on the file GW2.exe and select Create Shortcut.
  3. Right-click the file Gw2.exe – Shortcut and select Rename.
  4. Rename this file to Guild Wars 2 NewAuth.
  5. Right-click on the file Guild Wars 2 NewAuth and select Properties
  6. Locate the Target line and add the following:
    • For NA players, add: “-authsrv” (no quotes)
    • For EU players, add: “-authsrv” (no quotes)
  7. Your target line will look something like this:  C:\Games\GW2\Gw2.exe -authsrv
  8. Click Ok to save your changes.

Then, double click on Guild Wars 2 NewAuth to try again. If you still receive Error 58, you should also double check your ports as described under Error 7/42 above.

Error 122

If you get Error 122, this means that your account has been disabled. This could be as a result of “being fraudulently purchased by an unauthorized vendor.” Contact the place you purchased it from for further information.

Error 1032

This is typically the result of your home world transfer still be processed. Try again in a bit.

Error 1038 (Non-Registered Account)

Players who see this message “You are attempting to log in with an account that does not have Guild Wars 2 registered to it. Please register a Guild Wars 2 serial code to this account. For additional information, please visit,” have one of two options. If you HAVE linked your GW account with your GW2 account, follow these steps:

  • If you already play Guild Wars, and you linked Guild Wars 2 to your account, then you must log in to Guild Wars 2 and the forums using the exact same account information that you use to log in to play Guild Wars.
  • Example 1:
    • Email or Account Name: myaccount@ncsoft
    • Password: myGuildWarsPW
  • Example 2:
    • Email or Account Name: myemail@email.fake
    • Password: myGuildWarsPW
  • If your Guild Wars account has @plaync or @ncsoft in the account name and you need to reset your Guild Wars password, you can use the Login Helperon the Guild Wars site.
    • Please remember that resetting your Guild Wars password after linking to a Guild Wars 2 account will reset the password for both accounts.

If you have NOT linked your GW and GW2 accounts, follow these steps:

  • If you did not link Guild Wars 2 to an existing Guild Wars account, then you must log in with the email address and password that you provided during registration.
  • Example:
    • Email or Account Name: myemail@email.fake
    • Password: myGuildWars2PW
  • If you do not remember your login information, please click on the Forgot your password? link here.

Update: In-Game Mail Issues

In-game mail has been frequently unavailable to players so far. This will continue to be the case as in-game mail will make it possible for those who have stolen accounts to loot them. The in-game mail system was originally taken down due to the ability to abuse it that was discovered by ArenaNet. For now, just sit tight.

Update: Account Security Issues

A number accounts have been hacked. ArenaNet explains on reddit:

“We believe hackers are using databases of email addresses and passwords stolen from other games and web sites, and pre-existing trojan horses, to search for matching Guild Wars 2 accounts which they attempt to compromise. To prevent this, we have temporarily disabled the “reset password” feature, and we’re working to bring email authentication online. To protect yourself, please ensure that you use a unique password for Guild Wars 2 that you don’t use for any other game, email account, forum or web account.”

We will try to update this with any new information we find. For more details and more up-to-date information on these errors and others, try the support site here, or the official GW2 Twitter account here.

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