Halo 4 Spartan Ops Will Be Longer Than ODST

Since when is a game’s length news? Oh yeah, when this kept happening. Oh lord, when will people learn to separate monetary value from the length of a game and instead respect the relation between money and quality? But I digress.

So Halo 4 is coming out. You already know this. It also has an episodic co-op mode, which will be released in ten parts on a weekly basis. Will it stay on this schedule? Memories of previous promises about the frequency of updates (Mass Effect springs immediately to mind) says probably not. But hey, at least they’ll be long!

Longer than Halo 3: ODST at least. Spartan Ops designer David Ellis said: “SpOps season alone is longer than ODST,” before adding that Halo 4′s campaign and Spartan Ops missions are made by “completely separate teams.” So there, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Well it’s always good to know that a game will be of sufficient length, whatever that means.


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