Here’s What’s Special About FIFA 13 on the Wii U

FIFA 13Looking for a great third party game to start off right with the Wii U? Look no further than FIFA 13, newly announced as a Wii U launch title. EA Canada’s international football game will have some very unique offerings when compared to its cousins on the other consoles.

FIFA 13 on the Wii U touts a co-op mode that has up to four players directly playing the game while one player manages the overall strategy. The manager can direct the action, look up various statistics and even give rousing half-time talks. We recommend giving the GamePad to your least nagging friend.

Being a Wii U title, the development team gave special attention to the GamePad. Players will be able to use their GamePad as a crosshair of sorts for their penalty kicks. Expect to also use the touchscreen in order to deliver your shots with “pinpoint accuracy.” If you can miss with your finger, there’s something wrong with you.

As said before, FIFA 13 will be a launch title for the Wii U. So expect it on the shelf with the Wii U in the last months of 2012. Yep, there still isn’t a Wii U release date.

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