Humble Bundle for Android #3 Takes the Stage

Humble Bundle for Android #3Amidst all of the excitement over Gamescom, another Humble Bundle has been released for Android phones. It seems that the last two were such a success that the Humble Bundle team decided to have another go.

Having just acquired an Android device myself, I can finally have the indie experience on the go as well.

This latest bundle includes:

  • Fieldrunners
  • SpaceChem
  • Uplink

Pay more than the current average of $5.82 and you can net yourself Spirits as well. This bundle has only been live for a few minutes but there have already been over 1,000 purchases (and it keeps rising). This just goes to show the popularity of the Humble Bundle.

You have the next two weeks to grab yours but don’t wait until it’s too late!

Get to know Richard Esguerra of the Humble Bundle team.