Introducing Uplay, Ubisoft’s Challenger to Steam and Origin

For a while, Valve’s Steam was one of a kind. Then, EA decided to jump on board with Origin. Now, it seems that Ubisoft wants to join the party with Uplay (not to be confused with its former Uplay service, which was primarily a community and didn’t act as a client for gameplay).

Uplay is not simply a Steam clone however. Ubisoft’s client will be available on a variety of platforms: PC, mobile, and console. This is something that EA announced it was doing just two days ago with Origin. Cloud saves will ensure that players are able to pick up playing where they left off – across platforms.

There will of course be a shop where users can buy games and then download multiple times. Uplay does support an offline mode as well, for games that enable that, and will also have a variety of free-to-play games. There will of course be a friends system: chat with friends and join together to play multiplayer games.

Perhaps what’s most interesting is the mention of a rewards system, whereby players will gain points for playing games, which they can then use to unlock rewards for that game and others. The rewards looked like DLC items, such as skins. For more details and an explanatory video go here.

If you’re already interested in what you’re reading, you’ll be glad to know that Uplay is launching with a few days of deals – $1 deals to be exact. Some titles on sale today (for $1!) include From Dust, Driver San Francisco, and Silent Hunter 5.

With the recent security issues surrounding the former Uplay service, however, let’s hope that Ubisoft’s new Uplay has a little stricter security measures. What do you think? Excited? Annoyed?