Latest Diablo III Patch Looks to Both Balance and Strengthen Endgame

Diablo IIIBlizzard wants to keep players coming back to Diablo III for more. The latest patch, 1.0.4, aims to do that by balancing aspects of the endgame to strengthen it and make it more enjoyable to keep playing.

Here’s a brief run-through of the changes:

  • Averaging Magic Find and Gold Find in multiplayer games is to be removed; players will go back to having their own, independent Magic Find stat, unaffected by others
  • Health multipliers for monsters per additional player will be lowered to 75% period; no more scaling
  • Normal monsters will increase a tad in difficulty and Elite packs will be somewhat less challenging
  • Thus, normal monster health will increase 5-10% in Inferno (but will also be more likely to drop magic and rare items), and Champion and Rare monsters’ health will be lowered 10-15% (some of the affixes are being adjusted or removed too, like the invulnerable minions affix)
  • Enrage Timers and the “heal back to full” behavior are being removed
  • Higher level weapon drops will have a greater chance of having a larger raw damage stat
  • Stronger affixes will be added to two-handed melee weapons “to compensate for the loss of stats that can come from your offhand”
  • Repair costs upon death for high-end items will be reduced by 25%
  • A “metric-ton” of tweaks to classes, each of which will have its own blog post; the focus of these changes will be on unpopular skills and how to improve them to make them more popular

There will also be changes made to the legendary items, as mentioned before, however these changes will be discussed later in a separate blog post and will only affect legendary items dropped or crafted after the 1.0.4 patch goes live. Speaking of which, you can expect to see the patch sometime during the fourth week of August.

For full details of this upcoming patch, check out the official blog post here.

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