New GTA V Screenshots Showcase Jets and Tennis

Grand Theft Auto VRockstar Games revealed a set of screenshots on Monday revolving around the theme “transport.” Today, they’ve released another set of screenshots revolving around the theme “leisure.”

The transport screens show a bicycle, a car, and a jet. Presumably, these show different modes of transportation that players will have access to in the game. The leisure screenshots show dirt bike racing, a tennis game, and paragliding. Perhaps these will also be things players will be able to do in GTA V?

Regardless, one thing’s for sure. The game looks pretty good so far. Check out the screenshots below.

Update: Rockstar released more screenshots today (8/24/2012), based on the theme “business.” These shots showcase the aspect of the GTA franchise that it’s most known for: running from cops. The images have been added to the gallery below.

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