New Prince of Persia in Development?

Rumours are abound after a screenshot was posted in the Ubisoft forums that could possibly be from a new Prince of Persia title. You can check out the image yourself  to the left.

The screenshot shows that whatever this title may be, it is in early development and is labelled ‘Pop Zero 2′. Whether this is the genuine article is another question, however it does seem to be supported by the images of a rumoured new entry into the Prince of Persia series that leaked on NeoGAF just before E3 2012. (The images from NeoGAF are visible below.)

Do you want another entry into the franchise? I personally love the series, particularly the 2008 reboot and Sands of Time. What do you mean ‘What did you think of Forgotten Sands?’ That’s exactly what it should be. Forgotten. Or at least it was until you dragged it back up.

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