PS All-Stars Battle Royale Public Beta Announcement Confirms Leak

This past weekend, there was a rumored leak of a wealth of new details regarding SuperBot Entertainment’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The leak looked legitimate, but as always with rumors, you can’t be too sure until the publisher has said something.

Well, in an official announcement on the PS blog, SuperBot Entertainment has, in fact, said something. In the context of announcing a public beta, SuperBot  referenced the leak as coming from someone who had been participating in the private beta. Here’s the official statement,

“In addition, there was an unexpected and unintended leak in our beta that allowed fans to be able to see some additional content. We’ve enjoyed reading all of the fan reaction and are thrilled that so many of you are excited to learn more about our character roster and level mash-ups, however we are still in development and the leaked content does not fully represent the final product nor the incredible efforts that were made to make these elements truly spectacular.”

SuperBot will be gradually expanding the beta to more and more users over the coming weeks, starting with PS Plus members first. Keep your eyes open for any emails from SuperBot; you just might be getting a code.