Resident Evil 6 Has Unlockable 4th Campaign and Agent Hunt Mode

Resident Evil 6

Famitsu magazine has revealed that not only will Resident Evil 6 have three main campaigns to play through, it will also have a fourth unlockable campaign with Ada Wong at the helm.

According to executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Ada Wong’s campaign is positioned to answer questions players may have after playing through the first three campaigns. Also, when playing as a main character from the other campaigns, you might encounter other gamers playing as Ada.

Very cool. It reminds me a bit of Journey’s co-op implementation.

Taking a cue from Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil 6 also has a mode called Agent Hunt. This mode has players entering other people’s games and taking over a creature in order to defeat the host player.

If you don’t want to be invaded by player-creature hybrids, you can easily turn off the feature, but where’s the fun in that?

When a player-controlled creature enters the game, a blanket warning will alert the host player that he is being invaded. Interestingly enough, multiple players can invade the same game and communicate in order to take down the host player.

Resident Evil 6 is planned for release on October 2, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (with a PC release following in the future). Check out the Agent Hunt gameplay right here.

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