Rumour: Kinect 2.0

A new image has been released by Twitter user DaE that appears to be the new Kinect dev kit. (You can see the image yourself at left.)

If the image is genuine, then Kinect 2.0 will boast a greater resolution than its previous version, as shown by the sharper outlines of the two figures. If you look to the person on the left of the image, it is also clear that the fingers are mapped out, despite the fact that they are touching their hand to their body. This demonstrates a greater depth perception when compared to the current Kinect.

DaE is also responsible for leaking images of the next generation Xbox or ‘Durango’ dev kits recently, which makes this rumour even more believable as he was right the first time.

DaE will eventually go on to start his own religion, be a prophet to all, and eventually, a deity. (Conjecture.)