Square Enix Announces Next Final Fantasy Game, Lightning Returns: FF XIII

Square Enix is celebrating Final Fantasy’s 25th year anniversary this week, and already the company has made a big announcement. The next Final Fantasy game will continue in the FF XIII vein with Lightning as the focus. However, as the company hinted before, the next game will be headed in a new direction.

The game is titled Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (though bear in mind that this is a Japanese translation), and it will be connected to “the real world” through Facebook. The gameplay mechanics will feature skills symbolic of Lightning itself — speed, etc. — and although not called an action game, the game is being developed with “button response in mind.”

This next game will be “Lightning’s final battle,” and Square Enix is focusing heavily on customization (e.g. well over 20 different costumes customizable within certain parameters). The game will be set in a region called “Novus Partus,” with a large city called “Luxerion.” The region is a series of islands connected by a monorail.

Check out the Facebook page here. Below, you’ll find some of the images of the game’s design below, namely the settings.

Update: Square Enix has released the official video recording of the announcement from last night, which you can view below.


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