Worms Revolution

Developer: Team17
Publisher: Team17
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Worms Revolution is the newest in the 17 year-old Worms franchise. Let me first get this out of the way, if you are a fan of the series so far you will probably enjoy this game very much. It is definitely the same game in many ways, but, there are some fairly neat additions to the game as well. If you are unfamiliar with the Worms games, you have very likely come across a game very similar to them on some kind of flash game website. However, that is not to say Worms Revolution does not have value for its cost. Worms is probably the premiere series in the artillery strategy genre.

So, let’s get into it. First, there are a few different ways to play the game. There is a campaign, which gradually introduces new things to you and has nothing really special going for it other than the commentary by fictional wildlife documentary maker, Don Keystone. The commentary is charming and adds some humor to the game, it definitely sets the tone. For each mission you gain some credits, which can be spent to unlock some things, which I will discuss in a moment.

The only other mode is just called “Puzzles,” which are levels designed to have clever solutions really, with enemies that don’t fight back. You are just controlling your worms, and working through the environment to find the correct solution to eliminate all of the other worms, while keeping yourself alive. These are interesting as it makes you take a totally different look at the game because you aren’t worried about what the enemy will do to you. There may be some more modes and content added later, because there is some DLC planned.

Besides the campaign and puzzles, there are quick games you can play with three different modes. Deathmatch, which works just like all other games, where objective is to be the last one standing. There is also Forts, which is sort of like Deathmatch but each team gets a massive fort that they have to try and break through using the weapons they have at their disposal. Then there is Classic, which honestly, I couldn’t tell a difference from Deathmatch. If I missed something let me know.

Left to Right: Scientist, Solider, Scout, Heavy

The credits are important because they are spent on purchasing new Worms for you to use. There are four different classes of Worms: Soldier, Heavy, Scout, and Scientist. Each have their own properties. The Soldier is just good all around, nothing unique about him really. The Heavy is slower, can’t jump as high, has more HP, and hits harder. The Scout is faster, can jump much higher than all other Worms, has less HP, and hits for less damage. The Scientist is the most unique in that it can produce better weapons for all the Worms to use, and will heal all of your Worms every turn.

From there you can mix and match different kinds of squads of up to four Worms. So you can get a lot of variety within the gameplay right there, which is great. That is already on top of the huge arsenal of weapons. Variability and variety is by far the biggest strength of Worms Revolution. There is a plethora of weapons: bazookas, grenades, missiles, bats, punches, etc. You can make a squad how you like. And, probably the most varied of them all, is the ability to customize your squad. There are a ton of customization features, from victory dances to hats. You can make your squad look truly unique.

The second greatest thing going for Worms Revolution would have to be its art style. There are a lot of charming environments and backgrounds throughout the game. They do a great job of creating an entertaining ambiance and feel. The Worms are quirky and cartoony, and the environment reflects that. It is difficult to say what is great about it in words, so hopefully the screenshots throughout here will help show you what I am talking about.

Now, the gameplay itself. It plays like most Worms games that I have played, which hasn’t been for awhile but I recognized it quickly. There seem to be a couple of new features too. The biggest feature would have to be the introduction of water on the battlefield. Water can be found in little pockets or pools and you can use them against your opponents in two different ways. First, you can use it to push your opponents off the edge, which will push them into the water below causing instant death. Second, you can cover them in water and have them slowly “drown” and take damage per turn. There are a few new weapons that use this mechanic too, like water pistols and water balloons.

In addition to Water, there seem to be some added environmental objects that you can interact with. One being a water bottle, which basically just bursts when enough damage is done to it. There are also things like lighters, which will explode and cause a ton of damage and leave a massive crater behind. Those are just a few of the things you have to look out for.

With all that said, the gameplay just hasn’t changed much. If you have played one of the previous Worms games, this is pretty much the same game with a few added little twists. The biggest change is probably the addition of the newest classes, but even then there is not a lot that is changed there either. All of the classes can use all of the weapons, so there is little motivation to change your squad up at all. There is some motivation sure, but not enough for me to really call these four different “classes.” The most unique of them all is the Scientist, but that class doesn’t add much either.

The water mechanic is also vastly underutilized and could be implemented much better. It is a very minor part of the combat and is a mild annoyance, rather than an established tactic. If you become submerged, you just move out of it and the drowning damage is very insignificant. Also, the opportunity to use water as a way to push an enemy off the field is very rare, it is extremely easy to avoid.

I just feel like there are some missed opportunities here. The water mechanic could have been utilized much better. The environmental objects, like the lighter, could be more varied and interesting. The classes could be more strictly defined and have unique weapons or abilities that obviously separate them. The game would feel much more fresh and much newer if those kind of improvements were made. Right now it is just the same iteration of a classic series with some new little twists thrown in.

If you are not already a fan and familiar with the Worms series, or are a fan of the artillery strategy game, this is likely not the game for you. The style and difficulty is set pretty high as well. I did a lot of things on Beginner and had a difficult time, and I am somewhat familiar with the series. So, it’s not even good for new players who are interested in the artillery strategy game to get into.

This is just a newly styled HD-version of an old game targeted at a niche market. If this wasn’t already on your radar, it probably isn’t worth getting.

Rating: 3/5

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