Battle Cry of Freedom: an American Civil War Game from Flying Squirrel Entertainment

Fans of American Civil War reenactments, rejoice! A new game is coming out soon that promises to bring players an immersive experience reenacting the Civil War. The game is being developed by Flying Squirrel Entertainment, makers of Napoleonic Wars, the popular expansion to Mount & Blade: Warband.

Battle Cry of Freedom (working title) is Flying Squirrel Entertainment’s first attempt at a stand alone game. The game will pit players on two teams against each other, fighting at the same time on the same battlefield. Here are some key features:

  • Wide variety of weapons from rifles to artillery to knives
  • Fight for the North or South
  • Destructible and realistic combat environments
  • “Beautiful up-to-date graphics”
  • First and third person views
  • Wide range of “classes” from soldiers to artillery to even musicians
  • Planned support for over 500 players at once

Of course all of this is planned to be as historically accurate as possible from the uniforms to the background music. Players will choose an “engagement” (which is a battle or part of a battle) to play. Each engagement has unique sets of goals for each side. Teams must complete the objectives to win the match. You respawn near to your squadron and there will, of course, be capture points.

A sampling of pre-alpha screenshots is below. Check out the official website for more details.