SuperBot Entertainment: The Studio that Cares

This is an article for all of you that have lost faith in game companies. Many companies (although I won’t name names) have managed to taint themselves with the reputation of soulless, money-grabbing corporations who care little for the gamer, as long as they’re paying the right price. I’m here to tell you that there is hope.

Ever since the announcement of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, I have been in regular contact with SuperBot Entertainment. Founded in 2009, SuperBot’s first foray into the gaming market is the recently released PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a crossover-brawler whose derivative formula takes characters and locales from one gaming family (in this case Sony), and forces them to come together in an all-out war. Whilst the game has (and will continue to do so) been constantly compared to Nintendo’s already established Smash Bros. series, I am not here to do so.

In fact, I am here to discuss the dedication and care that SuperBot Entertainment have shown me personally as a studio.

From the period of its conception to the final release, it has always been clear that SuperBot has aimed to create the game that Sony fans truly want. They listened to character suggestions and allowed players to partake in numerous betas, all to ensure that we were happy. Whether you believe they have been successful is up to you, but I personally believe that throughout the development process SuperBot Entertainment have carefully crafted a title around the needs and wants of players, not a need and want of cash.

Speaking to a game studio personally is inevitably nerve-racking. You don’t expect to get a reply that exists further than a generically automatic e-mail response, either because the studio doesn’t care for consumer relations, unless you are opening your wallet or because they just don’t have time to answer your minor squabbles when they have such massive projects to focus on. In my correspondence with SuperBot they were attentive and genuinely cared for my satisfaction.

They responded to my messages, respected my opinions, and aimed to ensure that I was satisfied through their best efforts. And that’s just me. One individual.

I took part in a competition (not as a journalist, but as myself) to win a beta code for the closed beta of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale earlier this year. I was successful. However, I was later informed that the competition was exclusive to North American entries only. However, instead of informing me of this, apologising, and showing me on my way, SuperBot promised to compensate me. And compensate me they did.

Receiving a parcel is always exciting. At least to me it is. Christmas presents are even better. So imagine my surprise upon receiving both today. Below is a series of images that show the gift I received, a token of SuperBot Entertainment’s appreciation of my support.

I’m not trying to sell PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to you. I just wanted to tell you my experience. Regardless of whether you have played PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Whether you have and you loved it, or hated it (although I’d wait for my review to decide because it will obviously be crucial to your decision), you cannot deny that it is refreshing to hear, as a gamer, that there are still studios out there that care about me, about you, about us. SuperBot Entertainment is one of those studios, and for that they are worthy of your attention.