Countdown Appears for Gas Powered Games’ Mysterious Project W

Project WA mysterious countdown has appeared for something called Project W on a subdomain for Gas Powered Games’ website. The only clue on the website is that it’s for something ‘wild’.

Since the subdomain calls the game Project W, we can perhaps expect ‘wild’ to play a specific role in the identity of this game, whether it’s a new IP or another game in a current Gas Powered Games franchise. In case you aren’t as familiar with Gas Powered Games, a quick visit to their website reveals that its the studio behind Age of Empires Online, Total Annihilation, the Supreme Commander RTS games, the MOBA Demigod, and the Dungeon Siege ARPG series.

If you’ve been keeping track, Gas Powered Games is fairly entrenched in strategy games and so we can speculate that this new project follows suit.

The countdown will strike zero on January 14, 2013 at 12PM PST (Gas Powered Games’ local timezone). None of Gas Powered Games’ titles have an anniversary for that day. As far as we can tell, there isn’t anything too special happening that day unless you count the 61st anniversary of NBC’s “Today” show premiering on TV in 1952. A look into the website’s code revealed nothing identifying.

Could this be news that Chris Taylor’s Kings and Castles, put on hold in February 2011, is finally entering production stage? Chris Taylor’s Kings and Castles was supposed to be a fantasy RTS, but its wings were cut due to a “timing thing” that turned out to be development on Age of Empires Online. Perhaps the timing is finally right?

For now the countdown page will continue its chore, keeping an email subscription form company as the whole site hibernates for a month.