New Yakuza 5 Screenshots Show Off Setting and Characters

Fans of Yakuza should be happy: a crap ton of Yakuza 5 images have been released. How much is a crap ton, you ask? About 42. The last we heard of Yakuza 5, Haruka was revealed as a playable character. However, I don’t see any women in these screenshots, so hopefully that’s still the case.

The latest batch of screenshots shows off the setting and some of the characters of Yakuza 5. For each character, there is a concept art image as well several in-game, story-based screenshots. From the screenshots, you can also get a general sense of what the game will consist of. So far it seems to be split between people beating each other up and people sitting around tables, typically in groups of four. Sounds fun!

Anyway, you’re here to see the pictures, right? You can check them out below. My favorite is the creepy statue image. What do you think?


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