Rumor: GTA V Coming to PC?

2351285-v_pestcontrol_2560x1600It appears that Grand Theft Auto V is listed as being available for pre-order “soon” on Amazon France. Here is the link to where you can see that for yourself, but if for any reason that is removed, here is a screencap as well.

Grand Theft Auto IV is on PC already, but it was released much later, so there is a possibility that this may signal a PC release alongside the console release. However, this could also mean that GTA V will be released a little after the console release. But, even worse for PC fans, this could simply be showing that there is a plan for GTA V to be released on PC at some point, but that is in the distant or undetermined future. Worst of all, it could just be a mistake by Amazon, and Rockstar has no plans on releasing that kind of information.

Remember, this is just rumor and conjecture at this point, and we won’t officially know until Rockstar decides to tell us.

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