THQ Is Finally Finished

THQ-LogoA letter to employees at THQ was sent around today, addressed by both the CEO, Brian Farrell, and President, Jason Rubin. The letter is basically a final goodbye and assurance to its employees that not all may be losing their jobs, but a significant amount probably are. What is most newsworthy to us though, is where THQ’s assets have ended up, and here it is:

First on the list is Relic Entertainment, which was sold to Sega. Relic is responsible for some of the most well-known games made by THQ, namely the Warhammer 40k series and the Company of Heroes series. Company of Heroes 2 is still in development and on its way to Sega it would seem, so who knows what the plan is for that. I imagine information on its development timeline will be released relatively soon.

The second sale went to Koch Media, which is the parent company of Deep Silver, the company that produced Dead Island. In that sale to Koch Media was both 4A Games and Volition, Inc. 4A Games is responsible for the Metro series, and seeing as Metro: Last Light is still in development, it is in the same boat as Company of Heroes 2. Volition, Inc. is responsible for two large franchises, the Saints Row Franchise and the Red Faction franchise. Saints Row 4 is in development as well, so again, the development schedule is likely to shift.

Third, Crytek purchased the rights to Homefront. Crytek is the company behind Crysis, and who knows what their plan is for Homefront. Maybe they enjoyed the idea of the IP and are planning to reboot the series. However, that is just speculation, who knows.

Fourth, Take-Two Interactive, a large parent company that owns both Rockstar and 2k games (so is responsible for games like Civilization and BioShock), has purchased the publishing rights to an ongoing project named “Evolve,” which is in development by Turtle Rock Studios, the group behind some Valve games like Left 4 Dead.

South Park The Stick of Truth LogoFinally, Ubisoft has purchased THQ Montreal and South Park: The Stick of Truth. THQ Montreal was the newest studio opened by THQ and it seems Ubisoft has bought out the whole thing. South Park: Stick of Truth is in the very late stages of its development, at least I would hope, as it was stated before that the release date would be March 5 of this year. I would imagine that the date is pushed back somewhat as Ubisoft moves in to see where the project is, etc. so that they can evaluate it.

The only real assets left to THQ are some of its publishing abilities, and Vigil Games. Vigil Games was responsible for developing Darksiders I & II. Those remaining assets, including Vigil Games, will go through the bankruptcy process, so we aren’t sure what may happen next. THQ can still sell off some of those assets, so there may be more news about that in the future.