Humble Indie Bundle 8 Now Available

Humble Indie Bundle 8Another day, another bundle. This time around, Humble Bundle is back with completely new, DRM-free indie games that we’ve yet to see in any other bundle.

Pay what you want for these five great games:

  • Little Inferno
  • Awesomenauts
  • Capsized
  • Thomas Was Alone
  • Dear Esther

In addition to getting all of these great games, you also receive the soundtracks to the majority of the games in the bundle. But that’s not all! If you pay more than the current average ($5.68) then you can also get a copy of Proteus and Hotline Miami. Remember that to get Steam keys for the games you must pay at least $1 for the bundle.

One of my favorite parts of the Humble Bundle is the ability to choose how my money gets split between the involved parties: charities, developers, and Humble Bundle in the form of a Humble Tip. I like to alternate between who gets all of the money from my bundle.

Don’t wait until the last minute to snag this deal though, it’ll only be around for another two weeks!

Check out our interview with Richard Esguerra of the Humble Bundle team.