Humble Team Announces Double Fine Bundle

Humble Double FIne BundleIt’s been quiet for a bit over at Humble Bundle but now they’re back with new surprises.

The latest Humble Bundle features a fine selection of Double Fine offerings such as:

  • Costume Quest
  • Psychonauts
  • Stacking

This bundle comes with a twist though. Beat the current average ($6.11) and you get a copy of Brutal Legend in addition to the other three games, but that’s not all. Paying $35 or more grants you a copy of Broken Age, Double Fine’s Kickstarter game. If you’re feeling especially generous or just really love Double Fine and Humble Bundle, you can pay $70 or more and also get a T-shirt in your choice of cream or black.

Cross-platform, DRM-free games that benefit charities and now shirts too!? How can it get any better?

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