About Us


GAMElitist was started on July 20, 2011 partly out of whim but mostly out of a desire to write.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated staff who churn out the best opinion pieces on the internet. GAMElitist also has the very latest news and game reviews as well as new giveaways almost every week. We provide the very latest screenshots and trailers for upcoming releases as well as quality coverage of gaming conventions as they happen.

GAMElitist does not skimp on content.

Want a more personal touch to your gaming news? Listen to our podcast where the staff gives out unfiltered opinions about the games they are playing and the games they wish they were playing.

What don’t we cover? Gossipy industry stuff. We only care about topics that are directly related to gamers everywhere. Do not expect to see news reports on lightsaber ninjas or cosplayers. Do not expect to see how a certain viral video has come to fruition.

We cover things directly related to video games. If you manage to catch us on anything not directly related to games then please feel free to point it out.

Want to hang out with us? Join our forums or Steam group. We always have something going on.

First and foremost, GAMElitist is for you, the discerning gamer. If you have any suggestions, comments or requests please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Alice Williamson – Editor-in-Chief
John Apostol – Business and PR Manager
Rachel Deary – News Editor

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