Review Rating System


Rating: 5/5

The very best games that deliver on their promises. These games typically have high production values or an indelible sense of style that sends ripples throughout the games industry.

Rating: 4/5

These games have a good degree of quality and don’t let small imperfections ruin them. There may have been missed opportunities but these games are safe buys.

Rating: 3/5

These games are playable but are heavily reliant on the gamer’s individual taste. People who are unfamiliar with the genre or style of a 3/5 game won’t be inclined to play it.

Rating: 2/5

These games have flaws that hold them back from passable quality. A 2/5 game probably won’t be worth most gamers’ time but may still interest a few.

Rating: 1/5

These games have major flaws that heavily weigh them down. These games do not make me want to party.